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LAVYLITES was developed after twenty years of research by a Hungarian medical researcher. Its breakthrough was quickly followed by a five-year clinical study. As of last year Lavylites – products are now available in Germany, as well as many other countries. If you are not in Germany and want to know if this product is available near you, please follow this link here: www.anja-christine.lavylites.com

Lavylites’ basic product of is its body spray.

It includes the oscillation schemes of over 3 000 natural substances extracted from medicinal plants, minerals and colloidal precious metals. These substances originate exclusively from bio-organic or untouched natural environments. The abundance of subtle information permeates and reaches the cells, including bone-cells, within 8-30 seconds after being applied onto the skin. Since cells know what they need, they collect the information they need most in order to rebalance and to regenerate themselves. The excess information is secreted within 72 hours. All Lavylites - products contain 80% Auricum.

Visit us at one of our Healthcare evenings. They take place on the first Monday of every month at 8:00PM (dates on p.4). There is also an exact overview of the 20 products that Lavylites has to offer, including a comprehensive list of their exact ingredients, consumer opinions and examples. The regenerating- and detoxifying product series contain a shampoo, a body lotion, an oral spray for tooth and mouth care, a nasal spray, and a energy spray with concentration-enhancing effects. An especially popular Lavylites - product is the face cream, which contains the basic substance in addition to the oscillation schemes of plant stem cells and has noticeable effects against scars, wrinkles, spots and skin blemishes in general.

With Lavylites, we can support the body

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